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  • Obar, Febizza Ann Buton (2019-04-22)
    Preventing falls in long term care is an important issue because older individuals greatly suffer from falls that may lead to sustained injuries and possible death in extreme situations. The purpose of this study was to ...
  • Sharp, Joshua (2019-04-22)
    Light energy can be extremely powerful. Early civilizations were drawn to the Sun and its light and light is linked in many ways to the phenomenon of life. Light is essential for sight, it’s used in fiber optics to transmit ...
  • Martinez, Fernanda; Nolasco, Ivette; Trujilla, Violeta; Underwood, Sam; Perez, Vincent; Cook, Samantha; Medero, Silvia Lopez; Silvis, Lauren; Reed, Alliyah; Manzo, Jessica; Streeks, Bliss; Smith, Rylee; Page, Allie; Edgerle, Jayson; Avila, Jorge; Burdick, Chris; Villavlazo, vanessa (2019-02-13)
  • Perez, Vincent; Martinez, Fernanda; Pachla, Amy; Page, Allie; Pantoja, Jasmin; Smith, Rylee; Hernandez, Norma; Villavlazo, vanessa; McDowell, Chelsea L.; Cruz, Saul (Fernanda Martinez, 2019-01-29)
  • Castillo, Peter (2018-04-04)